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About Birnagar

Having a strong historical significance, Birnagar comes under Taherpur police station in the religiously famous Nadia district of the Indian state of West Bengal. Birnagar functions as a municipality under the sub divisional jurisdiction of Ranaghat area. The city is located at a distance of 90 km from the state capital Kolkata on its southern side and 22.2 km from Krishnanagar the district headquarters which lies on the northern part of the city. Birnagar is also quite close to Ranaghat town which is also an advantage considering the business and progress of the city.

About Birnagar
Mustafi Bari Temple

Administration of Birnagar

Birnagar Municipality being the oldest Municipality of Nadia district was established in 1869. The office has been working towards the development of the city for more than 200 years and the first chairman of the office was the noble Sri Nabin Chandra Sen, brother of Keshob Chandra Sen and a famous poet and writer of the country. Birnagar municipality is not a very large areaand covers only 5.52 sqkm. It is divided into 14 major wards where election happens after every 5 years. As per census data, the municipality governs 6702 houses based in the area whose basic amenities are arranged by the municipality office like electricity, drinking water supply, public health and sanitation in the area, hygiene maintenance and many others. The municipality office also remain in charge of road construction, maintaining birth and death records, revenue or tax collection and an overall assistance to smooth functioning of the area.

History of Birnagar

Profile of BirnagarOne of the most interesting aspects of Birnagar is its exclusive historical significance that dates back to eighteenth century. As per the records of history, Birnagar was initially an island in the Hooghly river till it changed its course in 1707 AD. The name of Birnagar, at that time before Bristish Colonization was Ula. One of the prominent historical characters from Ula Birnagar was the great Zaminder Rameshwar Mitra who rose to eminence with his excellent work as an accountant and revenue collector during the reign of the great Nawab of Bengal, Murshid Kuli Khan and Shaista Khan. The excellent work of Zamindar Mitra was recognized and was awarded with the Mustafi title during the time of Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. It was the Mitra Mustafis which was responsible for the short lived glory of Ula Birnagar. They built temples and mansions turning the town into a prosperous location. But the grandeur was short lived with the river Hoogly moving its course and the golden days of Ula suddenly coming to an end by 1857.

While speaking about the glorious days of Ula Birnagar it is absolutely necessary to mention the gallant works of Mahadev Mukherjee who was also responsible to promote the location. It was Mukherjee who fought with absolute bravery with the notorious dacoits Biswanath and Baidyanath and vanquished them. It was for this deed that Birnagar gots its name which means the "town of the brave". It has been stated that the place Birnagar was divided among the Mukherjee and Mitra Mustafis. The Mukherjee and the Mitra Mustafi buildings and mansions have all crumbled to dust in the years passed away except a few deserted temples which are visible till date reflecting the yester years. The name Ula is also not completely gone as there are till date hospitals and libraries with the same name.Famous literary works of Rabindranath Tagore and Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay mentions the glory of Ula Birnagar in the novels “Postmaster and “Aporajito” respectively.

Population of Birnagar

As per census 2011, the total population of Birnagar municipality is 30,799 of which around 15,658 are male individuals and 15,141 are female individuals. The child population of the area ageing from 0-6 years of age counts to 2992, which comprises of 9.71% of the total population. The female sex ratio in the city stands at 967 female against every 1000 male which is quite higher to the state average standing at 950. Also the child sex ratio also stands at 943 girls against every 1000 boys which is lower of the state average at 956. The total population of Birnagar comprises of many caste and creed but a major part comprises of Schedule caste which stands at 35.40%. Schedule tribe also consists of around 0.65% of the total population. The rest however comprises of Hindu , Muslim, Christian and Sikhs. The literacy level of the city is quite impressive at 84.60% which is quite higher to the state average of 76.26%. Of this the male literacy stands at 88.26% and the female literacy stands at 80.82%.
The local language of the people based here is Bengali though there are many who can understand and use other languages like English and Hindi.

Tourist Destinations in Birnagar

Though Birnagar is not a tourist destination but it has some foregone historical facts which make it an interesting place to visit. The glory of Birnagar, as mentioned was during the time of Mitra Mustafi clan who were known to establish many beautiful mansions and temples in this region. Though almost all have failed to survive the test of time , there are few which marks the glimpses of the glorious past. One of such temple is the Jora Bangla Temple. During those times it was difficult to arrange for stone bricks for building and to compensate that architects form a new way of construction that would solve the purpose and create something more beautiful. Clay at that time was easily available due to the close proximity of river banks and with that burnt clay bricks were made which soon became an excellent substitute for stone.

Information on Birnagar
Ula Chandi temple

With this another difference in the temple structures also came into popularity where God was made to dwell in a similar structure houses like common man. The designs were popular and used in many homes. Thatched roofs for temples became common and soon turned to be an indispensable structure of Bengal temple architecture. This type of temples came to be known as Bangla Temple and when two similar temples were created side by side the same is named as Jora Bangla Temple. Such a twin temple is present in Birnagar made by Mitra Mustafi family, which till today is considered as one of the finest examples of Jora Bangla temple among the limited number of such architecture present in the whole state.

The Jora Bangla temple in Birnagar was built in 1694 at a stone through distance of Birnagar station. Though with the test of time the temple has lost its original glow but it still consists of triple arched entrance with Terecotta designs embossed in the front of the temple. Apart from this there remain carvings of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan, Lord Rama and several other Gods and Goddesses. Another historical attraction of this place is the Mitra Mustafi mansion which has almost crumbled into dust with only few areas identifying the past golden days. There is a Chandimandap at the entrance of the house where Durga Puja is organized till date but the architecture of the place have been changed a little to suit the modern requirements. Along with this one can also visit Dwadesh Shiv Temple which is a series of twelve Lord Shiva temples based in the city. At the time of Shivaratri , this temples are decorated and celebrated with timely pujas. There are many other temples present in the city with historical emphasis which can be explored by visitors.

Geography of Birnagar

The accurate meridians of Birnagar stand lies at 23.1424 North latitude and 88.3326 East longitudes with an average elevation of 16 meters from the sea level. River Churni, one of the greatest attractions of Nadia district flows around 2 km east of Birnagar. The boundaries of Birnagar includes Kishma Gram Panchayat on the northern side, Paharpur - Kalinarayanpur on the southern side, then both Kishma Gram Panchayar and Paharpur – Kalinarayanpur on the eastern side and Barasaat Municipality on the western part.

Climate of Birnagar

The climate of Birnagar is somewhat tropical in nature. The major characteristics are oppressive hot summer, domineering humidity and well balanced rainfall due to the south west monsoon winds. The summers are hot with quite high humidity ranging around 70%-80%. The hottest month in Birnagar is the month of May when temperature rises to 36°C. However sudden thunderstorms called Kalbaishakhi is quite common here during the summer months. Summer continues till June after which comes the monsoon season which stays till September. Considerable rainfall characterizes these months with the temperature hovering around a maximum of 33°C. This is not a very good time to visit Birnagar as sudden rainfall disturbs transportation and ways of moving around. The average rainfall in a year in Birnagar records at 1200 mm. The best time to visit Birnagar is the winter months when temperature remains quite cool with pleasant air flowing during the months of November to February. The lowest temperature during this time stays around 19°C.

Economy of Birnagar

Economy of Birnagar is largely depended on agricultural business and income from small industries based in various parts of the city. Industries in Birnagar mainly comprises of small manufacturing and engineering companies which operates within the limits of Birnagar municipality. Many industries based on iron and steel works, production and processing units, textile business are located here. Few small “bidi” making factories are also based here which supplies finished and packed stags to the nearby cities and even districts. Some people are also involved in dairy business here supplying milk and other products to nearby major town Ranaghat from where it is transported to Kolkata.

Economy of Birnagar

Agriculture forms a major source or primary source of income for the people of Birnagar. The land of Birnagar has always been extremely cultivable and suitable for farming. The major crop cultivated here includes different types of paddy, flour, wheat, various pulses, jute, sugarcane and others. Livestock business is quite common among the residents of the city. Some of the major animals for this business available here include cows, goats, sheep etc. Poultry business is also taken by few houses here. Handloom and boutique business is one of the progressive business units here. Almost one or two from every household is interested or involved in this business. Various eye catching handloom goods are made by these workers which are either sold in nearby markets or exported outside the district. One of the famous handloom towel of Bengal people, popularly known as “gamcha” was first made here in Birnagar and there are industries based on this. IT infrastructure is also getting popular with companies taking interest in this location.

Utilities Services in Birnagar

Just like any other city, public utility services are one of the most important factors in any society. Though it is true that Birnagar has the option of every facility due to its quite close proximity to Ranaghat town, but still few areas needs improvements. There are post office services, banking services, security services and others which help the natives live a contended life here.

Post Office in Birnagar

Postal services are responsible for delivery goods and mails and thus establishing communication with the rest of the country. In India the postal department has the widest network and it perfectly connects Birnagar too with Sub post office based here. There are some branches of post offices where options are provided for investment with good returns but in Birnagar there is no such facility available. The details of the Post office located here.

Birnagar Post Office
Status: Sub Post Office (Delivery)
Head Office: Ranaghat
Division: Nadia South Division
Address: The Post master, Birnagar Post Office
Taherpur Road, Birnagar
Nadia district, West Bengal 741127
Phone: 03473 260224

Banks in Birnagar

Banking organizations are hugely helpful in motivating the economy of an area. It is not only a place to save money but it also acts as an investment tool for future via many insurances. In Birnagar to facilitate the natives of the city with the advantages of banking organizations there are two most popular and renowned banks of the country having branches here. Both the banks are public sector banks with core banking facility. The details of these banks are given below for reference

State Bank Of India
IFSC Code: Sbin0001301
MICR Code: 741002127
Branch Code: 001301
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 03472 260225

UCO Bank
IFSC Code: Ucba0002504
MICR Code: 741028502
Branch Code:002504
Address: Municipal Market, 3rd Block, First Floor
Nea P.O. Birnagar, Ps- Taherpur, Dist. Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9433011473

Security Services in Birnagar

Security services are extremely important for a hassle free habitable society. Though Birnagar is a peaceful location but the credit for the same also goes to the excellent work of the Taherpur Police Station under Ranaghat subdivision of West Bengal Police. Operating under Superintendent of Police, Nadia , the police force under Taherpur station maintains law and order in the area and actively works to lessen down criminal activity here. For any troublesome situation people of Birnagar can call the station for immediate help.

Taherpur Police Station
Phone: 03473 261373
SDPO Ranaghat
Phone: 03473 210024
SP Nadia
Phone: 03472 252229

Gas Connection in Birnagar

Just like many other services, cooking gas supply is also an absolute in any locality. Being no different, Birnagar also has a huge demand for LPG gases for household purposes. The city however does not have multiple gas agencies in the area but it has one of HP Gas services which cater to the people here. The office caters to all who requires fresh connection as well as one who needs refill cylinders. The details of the gas office here is mentioned below.

Kshetranath Gas
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 03472 260279

Photo Studios in Birnagar

In Birnagar there are limited number of photo studios but with excellent professionals working here. Today photographs are not mere printed versions of foregone memories but it is also a necessity in versatile documentation work. The details of the photo studios based in Birnagar are given below for reference.

Apsara Studio
Address: Uttarpara Bazaar Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9002277390

Studio Nilima
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 8101983263

Yashoda Studio
Address: Birnagar High Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9333252729

Studio Tarulata
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9932118316

Surodhani Studio and Xerox
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9046304060

Mobile Repairing in Birnagar

Mobile devices have turned out to be the most important accessories in today’s world. With the growth of technology mobile phones comes up with updated softwares and utilities that make people’s life more easy and comfortable as well as dependable on this device. So repairing and servicing of mobile has in the recent years turned out to be an extremely necessary service in every location, being no different in Birnagar. The city has quite a few best rated mobile shops with trained engineers working on repairing works of almost all kinds of mobile devices available in the market. Some of such stores in Birnagar is listed below for reference.

Basak Mobile and Repairing
Address: Stadium Market, Near Bibhuti Park Main Gate
Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 8653594588

Bhumika Mobile
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 8444826600

Halder Mobile Repairing Centre
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9378432837

Addresss: Birnagar Road, Baro Bazaar
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9800121678

Arati Mobile and Electric
Address: Birnagar Road, Uttarpara Bazaar
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9332277453

Halder Telecom
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9614702296

Kamala Mobile Repairing Centre
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9647266307

Basana Mobile Point
Address: Birnagar Road
District: Nadia West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9378067740

Culture of Birnagar

Culture of Birnagar

Birnagar has been a cosmopolitan town for ages. Several religions, irrespective of their caste and creed have peacefully resided in Birnagar. As a result of this all religions are respected here and equal weight age is given to festivals and customs of different faith. However Birnagar is mostly crowded by Bengali Hindus. Major festivals of this region includes Durga Puja, Dushera, Kali Puja and Diwali, Basanta Panchami and Holi or Dolyatra, Shivratri, Annapurna Puja, Sarawati Puja, Shitala Puja and many others. Durga Puja is celebrated with grandeur here. Charming lights and Pandals and High end idols of Maa Durga glorifies the city with music and puja mantras. Other festivals are also quite prominent here. Eid, Ramzan and Christmas time are also celebrated here. Begopara Church, a place close to Birnagar is one of the prominent churches of the state where Chirstmas is celebrated grandly. People of all religion and culture visit the location on the Christmas day to be a part of the celebration.

Society in Birnagar

A healthy society can only be established if the socially backward classes are given the due support to make them at par with the progressive society. Such an initiative is taken by the NGO who work towards the development of the society. In Birnagar there are not many NGOs operating within the city but there is one which works religious in this location and in the nearby villages. The details of the same are given below for reference.

Ushagram Trust
Address: Ushagram Vikash Kendra Vill.- Ushagram,
P.O.- Birnagar, Dist.- Nadia West Bengal 741127

The Ngo works on all kinds of major social issues here which includes women empowerment and educational facility to all

Health Infrastructure in Birnagar

Hospitals in Birnagar

Health infrastructure in Birnagar is quite good considering the number of inhabitants of the city. The city does have an age old “Ula” Hospital with dedicated staff and experienced doctors. Some of the latest equipment and procedures of treatment are maintained in this hospital. The hospital has arrangements for low cost treatment especially for the people with BPL or below poverty level cards. Free treatment is also available for some cases. Apart from this there are Government health centers which cater to the medical needs of the people based here. However for any emergency cases one can always visit Ranaghat town where there are more number of Government and private hospitals.

Ula Birnagar Hospital
Address: Near Birnagar High School, Birnagar
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.

Chemists in Birnagar

One of the most important part of good health infrastructure in any city is the availability of good quality medicines. Thakfully one can find numerous reputed medicine shop in the locality of Birnagar. The medical stores are mainly based in Birnagar Road with sufficient stock of all branded medicines. Also the stores have discount facility for bulk orders which help the customers immensely. Some of the best rated reputed chemists shops in Birnagar city are listed below for reference.

M/s Arogya Niketan
Address: Uttarpara Bazaar, Birnagar
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.
Phone: 8981402103

Gita Medical Hall
Address: Main Road, Birnagar
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.
Phone: 9434439700

Nabajiban Medical Hall
Address: Birnagar Road
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.
Phone: 9434371518

Saraswati Pharmacy
Address: Birnagar Road
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.
Phone: 8653965697

Cure Medicine Stores
Address: Birnagar High Road
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9232934797

Birnagar Medical Hall
Address: Birnagar Road
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.
Phone: 3473 260124

Ritam Pharmacy
Address: Birnagar Road, Birnagar Hat
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.
Phone: 9474040612

Sarodini Medical Stores
Address: Birnagar High Road
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.
Phone: 9333511746

Amardip Medical Hall
Address: Birnagar Road,
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127.
Phone: 9333512333

Biswas Medical
Address: Address: Birnagar Road, Birnagar Hat, Kamagachi
Dist: Nadia, West Bengal 741127
Phone: 9475946098

Transport in Birnagar

Transportation is quite reliable in Birnagar adding to the advantages of the city. Almost all modes of transport can be availed to connect Birnagar. The nearest airport to Birnagar is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International airport based in the capital city Kolkata at a distance of 71.9km through National Highway 34. One can fetch flights from here to almost all major cities of the country and to many international destinations too. The distance can be traveled by private taxis, buses or by train too.

Transport in Birnagar
Birnagar Railway Station

One of the most popular mode of travel for Birnagar is the railways. Based on Sealdah-Krishnanagar-Lalgola line, Birnagar Railway station is well connected with Sealdah station, one of the primary stations in Kolkata, connecting various cities of the country. Sealdah station is located at a distance of 82 km from Birnagar and there are regular local trains at a time gap of 30 minutes passing through this line. There are no express trains to this station. The nearby stations of Bairnagar are Habibpur and Taherpur Railway station at a distance of 3 km and 2 km respectively. Due to close proximity of popular stations like Kalyani and Chakdaha, this is quite a busy route through Birnagar railway station. The station code is BIJ and the same falls under Eastern Railway zone.

Birnagar Railway Station
Station Code: BIJ/Birnagar
State Highway 11, Birnagar, West Bengal
Elevation: 16 m above sea level
Zone: ER/Eastern
Division: Sealdah

By roadways Birnagar based close to NH34 is a huge advantage for people travelling through roadways. There are sufficient number of buses through Ranaghat – Beharampore Road that travels connecting Birnagar on its way. Mainly the buses connect various routes to North Bengal in the north and towards south it connects to the capital city Kolkata. Though Auto rickshaws are common in Bengal region but near Birnagar one can found good number of cycle rickshaws which travel shorter distances. Infact to roam around Birnagar the ideal option is to book a cycle rickshaw and visit the historical destinations.

To conclude it may be stated that Birnagar is by far one of the progressive cities of Nadia district. It has huge historical significance which are planned to be restored in a better way to promote tourism here. Small industries are facilitated along with handloom and boutique industry being funded so as to help the city grow and prosper in the coming years.

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